I Love Crafty

I'm just in love at the moment with I Love Crafty's Feline Fatale Collection. For those who haven't heard of this collection, it is a jewelry collection all about cats and kittens. My favourites are the Cat Ring and the collar tips.

I'm definitely saving for one of these rings. So adorable and perfect for crazy cat ladies like me. Did I mention that they are quite cheap oh and so so so cute. You can find them on their website, I Love Crafty or at The Feline Fatale store on Etsy. Their main website I Love Crafty has some other collections including, the I'm Really a Mermaid and Modern Romance Collection, which are also purchasable on Etsy. Plus right now, there is a Valentine's giveaway on ilovecrafty.blogspot.com.

Cat Boxes

I found these very cute storage boxes online today. I am currently saving money and not spending so I have improvised and made my own. I have run out of print cardboard so they are on paper at the moment, but I plan to use them for everything.

You can buy these on eBay, they are called Choo Choo Cat Mini Cubes. They a for sale on ebay for $5.20 US + postage. They are so cute!!!

Happy Valentine's Day

Yay it's Valentine's Day. I drew hearts on everything all day. Three Reasons. a) hearts (i love drawing hearts) b) presents c) chocolate. I have put together a Valentine's post. It was going to be an outfit post but...... I open my closet and there is not one, I repeat not one piece of clothing with a heart on it. So here is a wishlist of Valentine's Day related clothing and some other bits and bots. Just click on the item to view it at ModCloth! 

I baked some cookies too last night. Yum Yum. I tried to find the heart shape cutters but they have mysteriously gone missing. So instead I drew hearts on with writing icing. They are delicious and look perfect for a Valentine's Day treat. Yum Yum.

Book Covering

Starting school again in the Senior School, means I have to be organised, and there is lots of the dreaded homework but to the happy side, I got to cover all my books for the year. They are white with polaroid pictures of my summer holiday on them. So now when I'm doing maths I can think of Lemon Tart and going to The Oyster Inn. That might sometimes be a bad thing but anyway, I guess i might show you some pictures.

The Oyster Inn

I finally started sorting my photos from my holiday on Waiheke. I took heaps of photos at a restaurant we went to twice called The Oyster Inn. It is an island style breakfast, lunch and dinner place. It is amazing (they have the best fish sliders). It also has three hotel rooms and beach store. It is very island style and the colour theme is yellow as you can see. To get to Waiheke, we take our car on the car ferry, but lots of people take the 'Quik Cat' (fast passenger boat name) over to the island. If you are staying at The Oyster Inn you get picked up in a kombi (!!) which is just so so cool. Below are some pictures that they have on their website. You can get a real feel for it if you look at their website.

If you are in Auckland and you need something to do, I recommend Waiheke and The Oyster Inn

Pink is for Girls

My darling (and slightly crazy) friend, Sahana came over yesterday. She and I were both supposed to be sailing so instead we spent an afternoon in my pool. We talked girly stuff, first week of school and heaps more crazy things. She brought along a new dress of hers. I think it is from American Apparel. She agreed to do a guest appearance on the blog, something I would love to continue to do. She is so photogenic and beautiful!! Even though it took us 20 tries because she kept falling over laughing :)

A Couple Cats

A Couple Cats? You might be asking why did I call this a couple cats. Well the brooch is a cat. I made the brooch using felt, needle and thread and the bag has a small little cat on it. This week has been first week of the new year and it has been a busy one. I was supposed to be sailing today (I love weekends for this) but the coach was sick. I guess I'll just nuckle down and do the dreaded homework that I have assigned! I just have to wait till next week to go sailing again :). 

Dress - Country Road Kids  Bag - Yellow Brick Road Brooch - Handmade by Me
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